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Quick Heal Setup Installer 32-64 bit Trial Antivirus for Windows

Quick Heal Technologies develop security solutions for most common day to day virus signs. Protecting individual digital content is now a bit complicated issue as many new viruses attack take place through having setup full installer antivirus packages on to Windows. Now, the most emerging threat for PC is Ransomware which is designed to steal entire personal data from user computer without any notice. The sensitive information can be shared with malicious agents and that can be misused or lead to exploit for financial benefits. Once you run quick heal trial setup installer it can fight against outdated and emerging vulnerable virus threats.

Many security installer developers provide only very basic protection tools that can safeguard user PC from spyware and other existed offline viruses under a free package. But, the quick heal trial version of antivirus pro includes all-around protection within the free edition. It will assist you to keep your system safe at any time issue as it holds real-time virus signature updates. For just an instance at home or office, you can download quick heal full setup installer trial antivirus for Windows without the need for any product key. It is specialized in counter-attack when any suspicious viruses included file try to get into computer Firewall.

Quick Heal Antivirus Pro Trial Version Core Functions

Absolutely, if you’re looking for total security over keyloggers, root-kits, malware as well against malicious browser add-ons it also features web security that can filter all your search results on major search engines. Let’s have outline functions of quick heal antivirus pro trial 2019.

  1. Total Ransomware Protection
  2. Anti-Keylogger, Anti-malware
  3. Media USB Drive Protection
  4. Advance DNAScan (Included Custom Antivirus Scan)
  5. Firewall Protection over Wi-Fi network hackers
  6. Web and Sandbox Security includes Browsers Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and IE, etc.
  7. Email Security
  8. Real-Time Core Protection

quick heal setup installer

Quick heal setup installer is licensed as Shareware for both editions of all Windows 32-bit and 64-bit platforms. Free Trial for 30 days will cover all security essentials which can be armed protection for all your digital files by building strong Firewall at all time.

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