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Open Hardware Monitor Beta to Check CPU Temperature on Windows PC

Checking personal computer CPU temperature is absolutely tough task for any individual. People often think about why having all setup my PC with regular updates though system performs at low speed. Of course, it has many reasons opening too many tabs over the internet simultaneously working on multiple software applications offline makes a bit heat and slow down RAM performance on Windows PC.  Anyway, if you want to monitor CPU functions with core details then you’re at right place to know many answers regarding Windows Powered XP, Vista, 7 and 10 OS devices.

To manually check CPU temperature you need to restart your computer and go for BIOS key. If you could not hit the right BIOS key {F2 or F10 for devices} you need to try again till it opens. Then you have to get into different section of labels such as PC Health, Status and H/W monitor. To avoid this time taking process you can also switch to any open source hardware monitoring tools which can give instant screen about clock speed, voltage consumption, CPU load, BUS speed, memory allocation, and RAM usage even you can know about fan speed of your computer.

Here we are recommending “Open Hardware Monitor” Beta version which is a freeware open source software application. The lightweight application mostly supports with Intel and AMD processors and motherboards.  Using open hardware monitor you can check temperature of CPU by monitoring and reading the core temperature sensors of both Intel and AMD Processors.

Let’s know practically how to check heat of CPU temperature on Windows

First you need get installed the open source application which is in encrypted with zip format from official download source

Then extract the file and click setup file with admin access

to check cpu temperature on windows pc

Run the application

check the CPU temperature in ur personal computeropen hardware monitor beta to check cpu temperature on windows pc

That’s it you can analyze the system performance in detail numbers and even pin it to taskbar whenever you want check the CPU temperature. Moreover, you can also view ATI, Nvidia and SMART hard drive temperature in separate window.

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